Is Technology Worthy or Ruthless for Your Kids in 2021?

Is Technology Worthy or Ruthless for Your Kids in 2021?



Today even one year is holding smartphones and acting like an adult. The majority of toddlers know about games on phones and even social media apps. They know how to use your smartphones, iPods, and laptops. Today it is easier to gain the attention of a celebrity on the red carpet than for our kids. 

After the pandemic, the use of technological devices has increased. Children need to stay at home and to keep them busy parents hand them over their phones. You cannot draw your kids away from technology because it is everywhere. 

The question is technology helping our kids grow or is it damaging their brain and growth? Technology is growing, becoming more adaptive, and getting more social and even customized. Technology is also becoming a very solid learning tool for kids. You just have to set the boundaries. 

Online learning for kids

Parents don’t have to worry about anything. They have to worry about how to give more benefits to their kids through technology. Today there is well-versed technology available for kids to learn from home. Even schools are investing in technology more and more. 

No matter what interactive tools schools are using, here are a few things apparent you can do. This way only benefits will be reaped from technology. Children and even toddlers love to play with digital cameras and other such devices. You as a parent have to think before you hand any device to your kids. What gadgets you should handle. What benefits they are getting from the devices you have handed them over. 

Today teachers and other professionals are using gadgets like iPads and laptops. Children learn from them. It is also a necessity and has become the new normal. 

Technology as a tool

Teachers are well aware of their students’ habits. They know how to integrate technology with learning. Today students who don’t have smartphones and laptops can lag behind. There are a plethora of learning applications and learning gadgets that are a necessity for the young generation. 

If there is a lack of exposure in 2021 to technology it can cause a digital divide among children. It can create a gap between children and learning. They can be limited to early success and school readiness. In the early stages, children should learn about how to handle gadgets, they should be taught how to use technology, how it works, and how to get results. This is done both at home and with teachers.

As a parent, you must make your children aware of which technology is best for them and limit all the others. This way they can use technology as a stronger foundation for their future. Keep your toddlers away from social media and other harmful stuff. Give them exposure to learning applications and activities which are good for their brain. 

What experts think about technology for young

If your child is spending too much time in front of screens, it is bad. Not only smartphones but watching TV all day is bad. Too much TV watching can impact the learning and behavior of your child. 

There is research on this topic and it clearly shows the bad results. Too much of anything is bad especially for a young mind that is developing. Many certified pediatrics discourage the use of screens for kids under 2 years old. 

Media and technology should be limited to kids and the most important thing is how to use them. There are many things that parents can learn from Connect App and other learning applications. If they limit their use of smartphones in front of their child too. 

Drawbacks of not paying attention

Technology like learning applications, smartphones, TV screens, and other gadgets is not bad at all. You just have to understand its bad impacts on access use.  As a parent and teacher, you must know the drawbacks of technology. Too much use can hinder a Child’s physical development, vocabulary, and eyesight. 

Experts advise parents to trust their instincts. You must stop your child from sitting too much in front of the TV. You must not hand over your Smartphone to kids at an early age.  Encourage them to play with pets or out in nature. As a parent, you play a huge role in giving them the right advice. You can make them learn what is good for them. Teach them how much technology is best for them. Figure out your Child’s needs and give them what is required. 

Instead of playing games, give them apps that help in brain and personal development. Today there are abundant games that are fun and good for their brain. Teach them that technology like Connect App is not just for entertainment, but to increase their creativity and for learning. 

Technology is certainly not bad for your kids, but it all depends upon you what you teach your kids. Technology can help your child beat competition, but as a parent, you can take them to the number one pedestal.

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