Follow these tips to shield yourself against phishing

Follow these tips to shield yourself against phishing

One of the major concerns in the corporate world is digital scams called phishing scams. Phishing attackers can get control over your system and also extract your sensitive data that can be used in various ways to accomplish their vested interests. 


In this article we will talk about some of the tips that will save you from phishing scams and allow you to stay safe from such attacks:


Carefully check the digital communication on your ID


Trusting any mail just because it has an authentic-looking subject and content isn’t wise. Carefully check it. Don’t be tricked by the legitimate character of mail like real company logos, legitimate seals, and mention of specific quality standards. Phishers can easily and cleverly include use all such things in their mail to gain your trust


Avoid giving people remote access to your system


At any cost, do not allow anyone to access your computer remotely. Never download any recovery malware caning software mentioned by the scammers. Also, avoid long conversations and tell the scammers that you will call them back.


Keep your personal and mission-specific data safe


Don’t share your sensitive personal or payment information over the phone. If you can’t outright deny the information then consider using some technical pretexts like unclear voice or network interruptions.  


Avoid communicating or arguing with scammers


Don’t argue with the callers even if you are fully sure that it is a vishing scam as they can be clever enough to trick you into changing your perception or even use their communication skills to elicit some info from you during the conversation. Keep your interaction, brief and to the point. Don’t answer the long-form and dodgy questions 


Use multi-level security


Don’t treat the small Ad logo just next to the site’s link as a trust indicator as it just tells you that it is not the organic result but a paid ad. To keep you safe from such tricks or scams use the secured interface for searching the queries. Some IT security brands do also search in a secured atmosphere that minimizes the possibility of displaying suspicious websites. Some examples are NortonSafe Search.


Be careful with dodgy pop-ups


Don’t be misled by seeing the recognizable brand names as most such pop u messages would use reputed names like McAfee, Norton, etc. In any case, don’t click the pop u if you aren’t 100% sure about the genuineness of the message


Important: Almost none of the reputed IT security providers will use such pop-ups if you have not installed their products on your system or registered with their services


What are the preventive measures if you have already been attacked by the phishers?


One of the major concerns of the individuals and institutions is “what are the first measures to be taken when they realize that they have already been a victim of phishing? “While this is not the main topic of the article, we are going to mention some immediate steps to be taken during such incidents.

 If you realize that you have shared your vital personal or payment details with suspicious, unauthorized, or phishing elements they promptly inform your financial institutions about the same and formally instruct them not to honor any transactions by third party elements


  • Change your passwords across all the key digital platforms like online banking, mobile payment apps, IT security account, cloud storage account, and your system.
  • Unsync your linked accounts to minimize the risk.
  • Start with updating the information on sites/platforms that are directly affected but to be on the safer side consider updating the info even on other sensitive platforms as well.
  • Scan your computer thoroughly with a full systems scan.
  • Report the fraud to your bank and seek their guidance.
  • Call the reputed IT security providers to offer you dedicated support
  • Inform your IT team about the same.
  • Depending upon the scope of risk you can also hire IT, security experts, to rescue your site.


Phishing attacks have become very common and the attackers have been finding many different ways to attack and take advantage of online businesses. With advanced digital technology, things have become even easier. However, by following some safety tips you can prevent such attacks. In this post we mentioned some such tips and guidelines to follow that will keep you safe from phishing attacks and allow you to enjoy reliable security.

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