5 Instagram Stories Mistakes Brands Should Avoid

5 Instagram Stories Mistakes Brands Should Avoid

Instagram Stories have been on the market for a while and many Instagram marketers are using this feature to grow their brands. But since they aren’t the traditional social media posts we’ve all been familiar with for over a decade, Instagram Stories continue to prove to be a conundrum for many marketers.

Like everything else on social media, Instagram Stories are also specific to brand and customer types. But still, in general, there are some common mistakes that many Instagram marketers make when creating a story and they are not specific to a certain type of brand. 

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The first mistake Instagram marketers make is that they don’t understand the importance of Instagram Stories. It’s one of the best Instagram features right now, although it was copied from Snapchat.

You can use Instagram Stories to showcase your current promotions, giveaways (who doesn’t like free stuff?), or anything else that you think your audiences will find interesting. You can use these things to drive Instagram traffic to your website and build an email list too. Isn’t that good?

Low-quality visual content

We’re not just talking about the resolution quality of your photos or videos here, although that counts for a lot. But that’s obvious, right? You really can’t be successful on any social network unless you have high-resolution photos and videos.

What we’re talking about here is the overall design and quality of execution on your Instagram story. Yes, many Instagram marketers post Stories frequently, but a lot of those Stories are really bad. You need creativity to design visually pleasing Instagram Stories that show off your brand well. If you don’t have a creative mind, it is highly recommended that you hire someone to do it because that is essential in Instagram marketing.

No text

Sometimes we see an advertisement and wonder what is actually advertised. This is because there is no clear text that explains the offer well enough to understand the add and if they don’t understand the ad, we can’t do what the brand wants us to do, right?

Most Instagram users watch Stories on their mobile devices and most of the time they have the sound turned off. What this means is that even if you’ve included a voiceover that perfectly explains what the ad is about, you won’t get the results you want.

So be sure to include text in your story in a visually pleasing way that tells people exactly what you are offering in your promotion.

Forget to Optimise

There are several options to optimize your Instagram stories for more exposure. You can tag your location (geotags) in your story, as well as use relevant hashtags so that your story has a chance to appear in the explore tab of Instagram. Also, if you are talking about some other contributor or brand, please identify them with their Instagram identifier.

After all, if you put all that time and effort into creating your Instagram Story, it should get the exposure it deserves, right? So tag, geotags, and use hashtags to give your story more chance of exposure from people who haven’t followed you yet.

No consistency

If you are an Instagram marketer, you know how important it is that all your photos and videos, at least for a while, follow a certain color palette. This will make your profile look more visually pleasing and generally well organized. You can change this palette after a month or so if you want.

The same goes for your Instagram stories. Test the content that you are sharing on your Instagram stories and everything that works, stick to it. Furthermore, consistency also means that you post Instagram Stories regularly several times a day when you know that your audiences will be online on the platform. Be consistent in how you present your brand and when you post it so that people will find it more authentic.

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