Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Hunters

Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Hunters

When you are not seeking a job, it can be pretty easy to overlook your LinkedIn profile. Of course, you can add people you meet at networking events as your contacts list and acknowledge requests when they come in, but anything else?

LinkedIn helps you share your experience, abilities, and qualifications with potential employers while also enabling you to expand your brand as a professional with your network and communicate with others. It can be as important as a well-written resume for a job seeker. When you’re searching for a new job, LinkedIn is “the place where you should be investing the majority of your time,” claims Muse career coach Jena Viviano Dunay.

Jordan Hallow, a career adviser who advises university students on LinkedIn and other professional topics, says there’s only so much data you can contain on a CV. But your LinkedIn account is so much limited. Even if you are not looking for a new position, according to Hallow, the great majority of hiring managers use LinkedIn to locate applicants for open positions. Maintaining your LinkedIn profile up-to-date might lead to a fantastic potential job opportunity. Additionally, keeping your LinkedIn profile updated can assist prospective customers or people with other career possibilities locate you.

Some Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Hunters

Here are several best LinkedIn profile tips for job hunters, which includes:

1. Take some time to make it topnotch

Organizations and hiring managers will be more likely to interact with applicants with a comprehensive and appealing profile.

Your profile must display all of your abilities and accomplishments in both academic and professional life, as well as information regarding your current and prior employment and what others think about you.

A comprehensive profile implies hiring managers have a great opportunity of locating you as opposed to people who have inactive or partial profiles.

Hence, it would help if you devoted some time to filling out as much information as possible on your profile. The good thing is that LinkedIn will also provide valuable recommendations on how to improve your profile.

2. Get a custom LinkedIn URL

Your LinkedIn profile URL is generated by default with a messy mixture of numbers, which doesn’t appear professional. Hiring managers like profiles that have their custom URL, such as

It’s also not that tough to get one.

To do so, open the Edit Profile Tab and then tap on the Public Profile URL. Then, customize the URL and enter your address now. Once you’re finished, set Custom URL.

3. Set an eye-catching profile picture

Surprisingly, the majority of LinkedIn users have extremely horrible and unprofessional profile pictures.

It’s unacceptable, and it frequently demonstrates poor taste. It would help if you had a welcoming, clear, eye-catching, and most significantly, adequately professional image on your profile. Examine what others in your target industry, business level, or firms are wearing and try to imitate them.

It’s much nicer if you can act out your character. Everything about you should be seen in your picture, from your talent to passion, energy, and enthusiasm.

4. Your headline shouldn’t be your job title

It’s a huge mistake to write your professional job title in your headline simply. It can be found in your Experience Section already.

You must leverage the full benefit of the headline and use this to explain who you are.

This must give the interviewer or anyone viewing your profile a glance at your abilities, expertise, and history.

The headline must also tell the reader what you are now and what you expect to accomplish in the future.

5. Put Keywords and Search Terms in Your “Skills” Section

Keywords assist you in being found in LinkedIn search engine results. Every day, hiring managers conduct a large number of searches to find candidates. However, it’s not likely to come as a surprise for you.

Something you might not realize is that your skills can be used as keywords. Although you don’t have that word or phrase anywhere else in your profile, adding it as a skill will appear when somebody searches for it.

LinkedIn enables you to include up to 50 of them. It’s the perfect place to insert a bunch of keywords without looking spammy. Please take full advantage of the situation and go for it.

Of course, you can try to fit 50 keywords into your latest position or description, but that will destroy your profile (and turn off someone who reads it). Instead, make use of this!

It is likely your favorite LinkedIn profile strategy because it only takes a few minutes and can significantly influence how many hiring managers and employers see you while conducting searches.

6. Put Specific Accomplishments Under Past Jobs

It is one of the most effective LinkedIn profile-boosting tips, and in my experience, not enough job searchers use this.

Add specific numbers and achievements in your bullet points under every prior employment. Take into account doing the same thing in your profile’s “About” section as well.

You must be able to describe your previous accomplishments in nearly all profile sections, such as a summary. Furthermore, try to convince readers with case studies and data that show that you are a better candidate.

7. Keep finding jobs

The most fantastic way to find new employment opportunities on LinkedIn is to follow as many organizations as possible. Keep an eye on who is quitting and joining a firm at all times.

Once you learn that somebody at your desired company is quitting, you must take advantage of the opportunity and notify their Hr. manager department that you are available.

But don’t forget to persuade them that you are a suitable replacement.

8. Always add your current job

You must often add your current employment in your profile, even if you are jobless. It’s crucial since you won’t show up in most searches if your Current Title box is blank.

Many employers aren’t interested in sifting through thousands of applicants to find the right person for the job. They usually use the Current Title box to look for candidates.

If you’re jobless, make a fake work title that contains the job you want.

Some Key Takeaways

If you’re considering using LinkedIn to look for work, ensure your profile is up to date and adequately represents you as possible. LinkedIn allows you to share your practical experience, expertise, and accomplishments with future employers while also allowing you to extend your brand as a professional with your network and engage with others.

If your current company’s job is not oriented to your long-term goals, consider taking immediate measures. Give yourself time and think about where you’d like to be in the next few years. Feel free to contact Jobs Pivot for more job opportunities and jobs in Singapore to decide your professional path efficiently.

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