Wonderful Advantages of Wearing Emerald or Panna Gemstone For Men

or Panna gemstone is a green color secretive stone believed to be one
of the most dominant stones in the entire history of Mankind. This
gemstone is being related to the planet Mercury that incorporates
supernatural powers to nurture human beings. This panna or emerald
stone has been used as an armament to ward off against health
problems and to obtain other useful benefits of centuries.

Wearing mercury
blessed panna or emerald stone proves benevolent for everyone
regardless of gender blessedness. Of course, you can get this
gemstone at
and ensure that you have a government certified, quality pure
gemstone for you. Anyhow, this post is going to get you a quick idea
about why men should consider wearing emerald gemstone.

for your Knowledge

per the astrology, Panna stone talks to the planet Mercury and this
planet rules intelligence. Once you wear the panna gemstone, you can
definitely augment your scholarly power and furthermore can pick up
overall knowledge. It is perfect appropriate for the researchers to
augment their overall proficiency and can score even well in exams.

and marriage

men who are experiencing any sort of obstacles or problems in their
love or marriage life must wear a Panna stone. It is being touted
about the overall emerald stone that being aggrieved with the planet
Mercury, that is anchored to be the planet of pure and true love
brings true love as well as companionship in a man’s life. 
So, if you feel that your love life is going for a toss, you can try
out wearing panna and experience love floating in your life.


emerald stone is a sign of success. In the field of business, it is
believed to be as one of the best stone. You should consider wearing
panna gemstone if you wish to pick up advantage and to touch the
height of progress. Astrologers prescribe this type of gemstone to
the ones who are in advertising, banking, traveling and so on.

you have been working really hard but you feel that your financial
side is not getting any boost; then try out this gemstone. it may
push your life ahead and help you gain financially. For example,
there could be a positivity that you were waiting for a promotion but
you didn’t get. Who knows by wearing panna you may experience
promotion in times to come!

your creative side

to many experienced and professional astrologers, the 
Emerald stone
to be absolutely innovative and gives great creative energies to the
wearer who wears it. This gemstone is thought to be beneficial for an
artist, author or even media person.  Of course, if you are a
man who is in the field, working hard but not getting the outcomes;
try your creative side. Once you are innovative and creative in your
tasks; you may find out a new way to get ahead of your competition.
Here, this gemstone is surely going to get you a creative boost.
After all, hard work is not enough in the present time to shine, a
pinch of creativity is a must. Actually
are numerous jewels, but emerald is definitely considered ideal for
the ones who work in the zone of art, for instance, painting, Music,
dancing, etc. Real gemstone of Panna also helps in developing fresh
sets of ideas. Everyone knows the power of ideas in the present time!

perks for you

Emerald Stone
exceptionally well-known as a result of its appealing healing
ingredients and properties. It treats overall diseases related to
stomach, kidney, even hears, and brain. It even cures skin related
issues, respiratory issues as well as nervous system issues and apart
from men, this stone is absolutely additionally useful for the
pregnant women, as it removes the feeling of a labour pain anxiety of


per the specialists , panna or emerald provides love as well as peace
to a person’s relationships and also impact to be loyal. A couple of
people trust that emerald gemstone manufactured the overall better
understanding and genuine romance between the couple. It even gives
the positive thoughts about each other and even additionally manages
the distressing bonds or relationship and filled it with affection as
well as bliss. It even heals broken hearts.

level of communication

can make an individual communicate better. A person can actually gain
the power of expression and even experience an articulate style of
communicating their thoughts, thinking and concepts to others. The
confidence as well as assurance with which a person can speak with
others is definitely going to win the appreciation. In case you feel
that you are actually good at your work and have wonderful skills but
lack the communication art then this amazing gemstone can help for

point is if you feel that you are really good at your craft, you work
hard and you have a great understanding of concepts but you lack at
expressing it or communicating it; just relax. now you know what
exactly you should do. Once you wear this gemstone, you are
definitely going to feel great and experience a considerable change
in your communication level.

the wearer against bad energies

the realm of astrology, this gemstone of panna is regarded as a
robust gem. Emerald is a robust defender in the domain of Vedic
Astrology. It guards the user from adversaries who actually devise
negative tactics against them. It even keeps individuals with evil
energy at a distance from you, safeguarding your overall positive
personality, feelings and attitude. This gemstone also guarantees
that the ones who are attempting to hurt you are not going to


sum up, since you have a proper idea about how you can benefit from
wearing panna or emerald gemstone; you can gain all the advantages it
offers for sure. Check out the gemstones at Khannagems and if any
doubts, you can speak with Mr. Pankaj too who has a rich experience
of 30 years!

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