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Popular call center customer service solutions

While alternative modes of communication with businesses are becoming more popular, phone calls remain the most common way for customers to contact businesses. Managing these calls necessitates a team of skilled agents and call center software that allows them to excel.

When deciding which call center software to use, consider the available features and how they will benefit you. While all-in-one call center telephony solutions may sound appealing, they may be overpriced if you do not require everything it provides. After all, outsourcing your social media management won’t need to invest in a comprehensive solution. Consider the following features:

1. IVR

Prompt response with call center customer service solutions

Any call center solution provider must have IVR (Interactive Voice Responses). In most cases, inbound callers are greeted by automated responses. These responses may include an acknowledgment of the call and an estimated wait time, an attempt to redirect to the website, or a quick menu.

Customizing a quick menu is especially useful for call routing because call center outsourcing solutions allow the caller to narrow down the department before being connected. This is useful if you only have one phone number, but it can also be used in smaller departments where different agents may have different specialties.

2. Aavaz Call Center Suite Software

Aavaz is the best call center software provider in India.

Aavaz is a complete SAAS solution delivered on browsers/smartphones that allows businesses and customers to interact easily. It is a top-tier cloud-based call center software. Aavaz is a fully integrated CRM and dialer with various voice options to meet a wide range of business requirements. It improves workflow by making dialing faster and more accurate. It has built-in contact management and optimizes workflows while speeding up and improving dialing accuracy. It effectively manages outbound and inbound campaigns, a free online PBX system, leads, and support tickets.

3.Skill-based Call Routing

Efficient call routing with a call center software

Some systems will automatically route calls to the nearest available agent, but skills-based call routing is often more efficient in the long run. IVR can help in some ways, but good call center software in India will allow you to implement this strategy with more data. The dialed number, caller details (such as the number from which they are calling), and IVR responses can all route the call to the appropriate agent.

If you provide SaaS to businesses, for example, you may discover that one company has many employees and frequently calls in with complex questions. Rather than routing them to the next available agent, call center software providers employ ACD (automatic call distribution) and recognize the number they’re dialing.

Effective call center telephony solutions ensure they are connected to a higher-tier support agent familiar with their history, resulting in a better customer experience. This applies not only to those routed to specific agents but also to those with minor questions that can be handled more quickly at the lowest support level.

4.Voicemail or External Routing

Managing voicemail through call center customer service solutions

Unless you run a 24-hour contact center, there will be times when no agents are available. Good call center training solutions should be able to route calls to voicemail or if you have a contract with one, an external call center.

Call center solutions should include voicemail management in addition to routing. You should be able to personalize the greeting and select how you want to be notified. Email notifications can be useful in this situation, especially when voicemails are left for a specific extension.

Many call center solutions allow you to visually sort voicemails, displaying the caller ID, the time a message was left, and any other information it has access to. This can make responding to voicemails much easier the next working day, as you can prioritize them as you see fit – either going from oldest to newest or dealing with the ones you were expecting callbacks from first.

5.Omni-channel Support

Omnichannel call center software

The above features focus on phone calls, but call center software should not. Most businesses employ a multichannel or omnichannel strategy, and their software should reflect this.

Rather than having a separate team handle website inquiries, live chat, email, social media, and phone calls, omnichannel call center telephony solutions support allows you to manage everything in one place. This allows you to see a customer’s history with your company, which is useful because 70% of customers expect connected processes, and 59% value personalized interactions based on their history.

It also allows your agents to provide excellent customer service by referring to previous correspondence on other platforms rather than starting from scratch.

6.CRM integration

Compatible call center software with CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is also essential, and call center software should be compatible. Instead of manually transferring data between the two, integration enables you to use all your customer data best.

This is useful if you have a ticketing system, regular callers with special requirements, or multiple centers. It can also be useful for predictive and automated dialing, utilizing data collected for an outbound campaign.

7.Cloud-based Calling

Cloud calling

Working from home is becoming more common, so your call center customer service solutions must be able to support a remote workforce. Cloud-based call center software does away with the need for on-premises servers and infrastructure, allowing your employees to access it from anywhere. It also avoids local restrictions, allowing you to have phone numbers in multiple locations – ideal for a global market.

Cloud-based calling also allows you to scale more effectively than a physical phone system. You can have more agents available on more lines during peak times without paying to keep those lines idle during quieter periods.


Now that you know the most popular call center customer service solutions, make an informed decision and upgrade your business with these call center software providers to understand your customers’ needs and expectations better.

If you’re ready to implement advanced, customized call center customer service solutions, and tailor your current and future business needs, contact Aavaz, India’s leading call center solution provider.

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