What is Content Intelligence technology and why is it so important for Content Marketing and Content Creation?

What is Content Intelligence technology and why is it so important for Content Marketing and Content Creation?

The world is moving forward and continuously developing modern technologies make our lives easy. How do new technologies reflect into marketing, and content marketing, where strategic innovations are extremely important elements of competitive advantage? And how can Content Intelligence support our content creation efforts? We will answer these questions in the article. 

Importance of Content Intelligence for content marketing:

Content Intelligence is an innovative way of planning and managing content that is the future of content marketing. It is based on guidelines provided by machine learning and artificial intelligence, which allows you to easily create high-quality content, the main task of which is to satisfy the intentions of the potential audience. 

It is no secret that content that is valuable for the target audience and is based on high-quality solutions to issues (search queries present in the search engine) will certainly be highly appreciated by Google. In fact, it’s about content that best matches users’ intentions. And in an efficient way, the planning and creation of this type of content is the main goal of Content Intelligence.

What does Content Intelligence offer for content creation? 

This new technology does not yet serve to completely relieve a specialist from work. But it greatly supports efforts on data analysis and saves the time connected with topic research thanks to that helps with quick writing of high-ranking texts. The advantages of this technology are based on the ability to quickly generate and analyze data.

Quickly collected and correctly presented information is an invaluable gift for any specialist involved in content creation: content manager, copywriter, blog, or website owner. Using the capabilities of Content Intelligence any simple content strategy turns into a data-driven one. This allows you to find new topics for writing content in a short period of time and save your time.

Advantages of applying Content Intelligence tools:

Using Content Intelligence will help you create quality articles faster and cheaper without wasting time on research. It’s like a specialist working for you around the clock, on whom you can rely and shift part of the work! Indeed, it is difficult to compete with intelligence technology because it is really an effort to help people efficiently.

So here it is: you can spend days studying a topic before starting writing an article, or you can get answers to your questions in a short period of time that helps you to write. It helps with valuable recommendations about What are the main intentions around the topic of writing, What your competitors are writing about, What content is already written in top positions etc.

Advised range of Content Intelligence tools:

Existing Content Intelligence tools such as CONTADU, Frase, ClearScope, MarketMuse allow you to work more efficiently on your content strategy and support your writing skills.

CONTADU is a Content Intelligence platform that uses semantic data analysis and provides NLP (Natural Language Processing) recommendations for efficient content planning and optimization, as well as for quick competitor analysis and easy content writing in a built-in editor. It is perfectly suited for people working with a lot of content from copywriters to agencies, from SEO specialists to e-commerce & Saas businesses.

As was mentioned above CONTADU is a solution that helps you easily build your content strategy, helps you to choose the best keywords or suggestions for high-ranking content creation. Thanks to AI, you can build an article in a few minutes. So it has so much to offer. You start a 30-day trial to check all advantages of Content Intelligence support.

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