Tips to Play PC Speakers And Bluetooth Speakers Together on Windows 10

Tips to Play PC Speakers And Bluetooth Speakers Together on Windows 10

If you wish to play your PC speakers and Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, then keep reading this article. By following some simple steps, you would be able to do so.

Most of the time your Windows PC speakers or wireless speakers are not loud enough and you wish to amplify them. This happens when you have a party or you roam around your house. Playing both the speakers together is tricky as they both have different kinds of connections. 

Your computer’s speakers are connected through a wire whereas Bluetooth speakers are wireless. Because of the wired connection, the computer’s speakers provide better audio quality and a negligible lag. But wireless speakers have a little bit of lag in them.

But there is a catch to it. Even with the audio latency, there are some ways that will help you out.  Here you will learn how to connect both speakers and play music on them simultaneously. 

Play Your Windows And Wireless Speakers Together

Here are 3 different ways to play your computer’s speakers and your wireless speakers together:

  1. By changing settings of Windows
  2. By using a third-party application
  3. Or by connecting it with an audio splitter.

1. By Changing Settings In Windows

This solution doesn’t require any third-party application. This will make the process much easier. To play both the speakers simultaneously you have to restore default sound settings on windows 10. For this, you first need to connect your Bluetooth speaker with the computer. Then give it the microphone access. After doing all this you have to:

Step1: Press Windows + I and Settings will open

Step2: In settings go to Sound

Step3: Click on Sound Control Panel

Step4: Choose the speakers on your PC. Then click Set Default > Default Device on the Playback page. Then, click Set Default > Default communication service to choose your Bluetooth speaker. When you’ve made proper adjustments, a green tick should display alongside your Wireless and computer speaker.

Step5: Click on Recording Tab

Step6: Right-click and select Show Disabled Devices. After selecting Stereo Mix will open up

Step7: Right-click on Stereo Mix and choose Enable

Step8: Within Stereo Mix, click on Properties

Step9: Select the Listen tab and then select Listen To This Device

Step10: Go to Playback Through This Device and choose your wireless speakers

Step11: Click on Apply, then OK to save the settings.

2. By Using A Third-Party Application

There are a bunch of applications in the market through which you can easily play music on both the speakers together. Some of these apps are paid as they provide a better service but free apps are not so bad either. Before installing these apps check whether they are compatible with your OS. 

These third-party apps make the job easy. They provide a user-friendly experience that would take just a few seconds to connect your speakers. They also have equalizers to enhance the sound quality. You can set the song’s frequency according to your mood.

If you are thinking about installing such an application, then you can go for apps like Voicemeeter, Jack audio connection kit, etc. These are free applications that are compatible with Windows PC. These offer a lot of features apart from synchronizing speakers. Download and install any app you want on your PC. Now you get all the power you need to manage and amplify your sound settings as you want. 

More such applications will help you out, here are some of them:

  1. Voice mod (free for all operating systems)
  2. VB-Audio Virtual Cable (free software for Mac and Windows users)

3. By Using Audio Splitter

If the first one is too techy and you don’t want to install any third-party software. Then audio splitter will be the best for you. An audio splitter is a device that can connect two devices to a single AUX output. 

Meaning that if your Bluetooth speaker has an auxiliary port and your PC has external speakers. Then you can connect both of them using an audio splitter. 

This is a plug-and-play device. This solution is only for those people who have external speakers connected to their system. The benefit of the splitter is that it provides you with the easiest way to play music on both devices. 

The audio splitter allows you to play more than 2 devices simultaneously. If you buy a good quality splitter then the audio quality will also remain the same. Cheap audio splitters have a distortion in them and most of the time they don’t even connect properly.


Having the ability to play music from both your computer and various audio devices is useful if you wish to play music in many rooms. If you ever need a quick fix, you should change your computer’s settings. Although you can play two or more speakers at the same time by adjusting the sound settings, you may run into issues with the audio delay. As a result, an audio mixer or audio splitter should be on your shopping list. The audio splitter gives you a lot of flexibility over the volume and quality of the music you play. If you ever face any problems while using Bluetooth on your device, then use the free driver updater for Windows 10 to run it perfectly.

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