Resume writing tips for getting jobs in the edtech industry

Resume writing tips for getting jobs in the edtech industry

If you’re an educator thinking about leaving the field in some fashion, this article can help you figure out where to start. Whether you stay in education or pursue an entirely different professional route, the suggestions below can help you get started on a new road.

Find the best job for you.

If you aren’t planning on leaving teaching with a specific field in mind, this gives you the freedom to pursue whatever interests you. Applying for positions in areas where your teaching talents are transferable will make the transition go more smoothly. The more relevant your teaching expertise is to your new field, the stronger your resume will be.

Make sure you know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Why do you want to work in educational technology? 

Understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing can also help you focus your job hunt in this vast field. Do you have a particular interest in early childhood education? Are you prepared for college and a career? Employee upskilling? Teachers’ support? The possibilities are thrilling and limitless, so focusing on what drives you the most is critical.

Because most ed-tech firms have mission-driven founders and employees, having a clear and compelling reason why you want to work in this field will be one of the most important things you can do to gain an advantage in networking and job applications.

Use your goal to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

When switching fields to work in a new industry, you must demonstrate to a prospective employer that you have the will to succeed in your new field despite your lack of expertise. A goal or summary statement is your chance to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the area and explain why you are leaving education to pursue your new job. Express your desire to succeed in your new career and a few critical abilities or work experiences to help you accomplish this.

Make Contact with People Who Can Help You

Many positions, regardless of industry, are never advertised. Alternatively, applicants with inside connections are the only ones who are interviewed, for better or worse.

It takes time to create contacts with people who are prepared to make introductions or put in a good word for you, which is why you should start meeting people currently working in the ed-tech area.

Keep in touch with people you’ve met in this area once you’ve started meeting them! Follow standard networking best practices, such as offering assistance whenever possible, planning ahead of time for any meetings, seeking advice, sharing relevant articles, and so on.

Recognize the Differences Between Academic and Professional Resumes

Candidates for corporate, non-academic, and non-profit roles must describe their value proposition — in a nutshell, what they can deliver in terms of what a company or organization currently requires.

Remove any terms that aren’t relevant to the new role.

It would help if you discarded terminology from your previous position when transitioning to a new career.

Concentrate on Skills That Can Be Transferred

First, carefully study the contents of each job posting you’re contemplating applying for.

Even if you know, you’re capable of handling the requirements, and if you’ve never dealt with them before, you’re unlikely to be considered. This is where you should concentrate the best efforts while drafting your resume, as this is where you can include activities outside of classroom teaching.

Companies are primarily interested in peer-to-peer training, even though all teachers are, in a sense, trainers. If you’ve already done so, that’s a plus. For instance, if you’ve planned trips before, that could benefit teachers who want to get into travel or event planning.

Make Your Area of Expertise a Corporate Asset

Every teacher qualifies to work as a curriculum consultant or for an ed-tech company, which is an excellent choice for primary school teachers.

High school teachers can use their subject area skills by looking for jobs in a relevant field and highlighting the projects they’ve worked on in their resumes.

Instructors of robotics can talk about the 3D-printer project they assigned, while literature teachers who want to work in editorial can talk about the school literary journal they advised.

Don’t Forget to Include Software Competencies in Your List.

While ed-tech software isn’t used in most corporate settings, you should put these talents on your resume and any other applications you’re familiar with.

After all, knowing how to use any software is a transferable ability that businesses require.

Make the most of your cover letter.

Professionals with experience in the sector may be your competitors while shifting to a new industry. This emphasizes the need to identify your unique qualifications. Use your cover letter to highlight the benefits of your cross-industry perspective and experience rather than your lack of direct experience. A cover letter’s extended style allows you to elaborate on why you are the best candidate for the job. Unless you believe it is relevant, you do not need to explain why you are changing fields. Just make sure your cover letter isn’t longer than one page.

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Byju’s is the best EdTech company that provides personalized learning programs. They aim to transform learning into fun through their interactions and 3D learning classes, which will help the students score better.


Upgrad is India’s largest online platform that helps thousands of students to achieve their career goals. Upgrad helps students get online degrees from the top universities worldwide.


Unacademy is India’s largest learning EdTech company which helps students prepare for major entrance exams like UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET-UG, Bank exams, GATE and ESE.


Vedantu is an ed-tech platform where teachers provide online tuition to students. It is an online learning system that helps students understand the concepts clearly through interactive live sessions, doubt clearing sessions, and customized teaching patterns.


Edukart is an Indian EdTech company that provides Indian and international courses such as MBA, MCA, BA, BBA, Bsc, etc., you can get a diploma, degree, and certificate courses from top institutes across the world. 

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