Nine Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners in La Jolla

Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners

Teeth straightening is not just an esthetic improvement but a prerequisite for optimum oral health. One of its benefits is that it gets easier to clean teeth, helping reduce plaque build-up and cavities. Thanks to the advances in dentistry, straightening teeth has never been easier. Depending on their budget and dental health needs, patients now have multiple options. While metal and ceramic braces have been used traditionally, clear aligners are emerging as a preferred choice for those wanting to straighten teeth discreetly. However, ceramic and metal braces may not be esthetically pleasing clear aligners. One of the most trusted brands of clear aligners is Invisalign, and several reputable dentists across the globe prefer it. If you are considering a smile makeover, here are nine reasons why clear aligners are better than other alternatives for teeth straightening.


1. Hardly Visible

Many people worry about how their appearance will change after getting braces. They may feel embarrassed to smile in social settings and want to minimize socializing. In some cases, it may result in lower self-confidence or self-esteem. Clear aligners are a great choice to avoid such situations. They are hardly noticeable, which means it is unlikely that anyone will notice that you are wearing them. They give you the freedom to smile, laugh, socialize, and live life as usual without feeling conscious that someone may be staring at your braces. 


2. No Food Restrictions

Metal braces come with a set of food restrictions. The dentists advise staying away from chewy or hard foods, popcorn, nuts, chewing gum, certain fruits, chips, and foods high in sugar. These foods may get in between the wires of braces and are difficult to remove. The leftover food particles and debris cause bacterial infestation, plaque formation, and bad breath. 

Invisalign is an effective solution to all these issues. You can remove them before eating or drinking and put them back after brushing your teeth. That means you can eat and drink whatever you like.


3. Works Effectively

Invisalign is nearly as effective as metal braces. Barring exceptional cases, clear aligners work as well as braces to treat dental problems. Some people may need to wear Invisalign longer. Your diligence regarding the treatment also matters. You should remove the trays for as little time as possible. Wearing Invisalign for less than 22 hours every day may lengthen the treatment duration. Most people who choose clear aligners get good results. Some may even have a shorter treatment time than individuals wearing braces. Of course, how severe the teeth misalignment is also a factor here.


4. No Compromises on Oral Hygiene 

Cavities or any other oral health problem is the last thing one would want to deal with in the midst of orthodontic treatment. However, those who wear metal braces have to deal with some or the other oral health issue sooner or later. For example, plaque build-up and cuts are common problems reported by those who wear braces. In addition, brushing turns inconvenient with so many wires attached to your teeth. Therefore, you have to use additional oral cleaning tools such as interdental cleaners or oral spraying systems. 

There are no such problems with clear aligners, as you can always remove them to clean your teeth. However, cleaning clear aligners is also essential to maintaining oral hygiene. Your dentist will share the instructions to clean aligners safely when you choose the clear aligners service at La Jolla.


5. Fewer Visits to The Dentist 

Whether for plaque removal or adjustment, wearing metal braces means you need to visit the dentist quite regularly. Metallic braces also need tightening from time to time, thus necessitating dental consultations. Alternatively, clear aligners do not require tightening or adjustments. You just need to see the dentist every eight weeks. The dentist examines your oral health and dental changes so far and gives you a new set of clear aligners.


6. Suitable for Most People 

Of course, young age is considered the best time to get teeth straightened. However, it does not mean you have run out of time if you are an adult. Clear aligners are ideal for teenagers and adults with mild to moderate bite issues. 

An orthodontist may even recommend this treatment to children aged six and above. It is also an effective option for older adults with otherwise healthy teeth and gums. All in all, people of all ages can use clear aligners. However, clear aligners may not work for people with neuromuscular bite issues or severely crooked teeth. Your orthodontist will recommend braces or clear aligners based on your dental health, age, and ability to care for oral health. So, don’t be afraid if you are an adult, as you’re still the right candidate for clear aligners.


7. Removable

Wearing clear aligners for 20-22 hours is a must for results that meet your expectations. However, in exceptional cases, you can remove clear aligners as they are not fixed to your teeth. However, remember to wear them back at the earliest to avoid delays in your treatment plan. 


8. Noticeable Results

Since aligners are transparent, you can see your teeth shifting to the right places, gradually making your smile beautiful. With braces, you have to wait to see the results. 


9. Reasonably Priced

It’s largely a myth that clear aligners are expensive. Consider the fact that a new customized tray every two months requires 3D X-rays, dental expertise, and quality manufacturing to get the best results. Further, clear aligners offer a slew of benefits.  Given all these factors, don’t you think that the cost of clear aligners is justified? Although there is nothing like getting Invisalign, you may enquire about cheaper alternatives of clear aligners if you have budgetary constraints.


Using clear aligners helps improve your smile without affecting your quality of life. It is a painless and convenient treatment that gives desired results. So, do not wait any longer and contact a reputable dentist that provides clear aligners.

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