How to start a social media marketing agency

How to start a social media marketing agency

Social media is a vivid spectrum offering limitless opportunities to marketers for getting closer to their clients. The journey had started from YouTube and Facebook, but now we have many more apps like Twitter and Instagram. Every business is incorporating social media in their marketing strategies and agencies solely dedicated to social media management are increasing in number every day. But, running a social media marketing agency is not a child’s play. It takes passion and dedication to continue for more than ten years. In this case, you are involved in B2B operations where any wrong action on your part can get the other business in trouble.

If you dream of becoming an entrepreneur and wish to establish your social media marketing agency at the earliest, here are some quick tips to kickstart your agency successfully-:

Update your knowledge on trends

A social media agency has to make their clients trendsetters. Whether through memes, witty content, hashtags on Twitter, Facebook videos, or Instagram reels, you have to religiously follow the newest trends and viral topics. See how you can incorporate those trends in your marketing strategy. 

Prepare your agency’s value proposition & portfolio

Use a free online designing tool like Canva to prepare comprehensive portfolios and value propositions for your clients and candidates. Convince a client why they should choose your agency over the competitors. Include your past experiences as a social media expert in the previous companies you worked for. Highlight campaigns and projects led by you. For new candidates, design the value proposition document including the perks of joining your company, your business values, mission, and vision. Make sure the content is original and highlights the core offerings and services provided by your company.

Decide the services you want to offer

Based on your budget and operational costs, determine the variety of services you want to offer your clients. You can offer a complete social media management package or provide services separately. Some services can be content writing, community management, social media research, social media ad management, and so on. If something exceeds your budget, never take up that service. 

Establish your online presence

Presently, businesses worldwide have adapted to the web due to the endless possibilities it provides. As a social media agency, you too should have profiles on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and create your business website. Ensure that you mention your booking page link and contact info on every page of your website. Sign up on Google My Business and get your business listed by confirming your address and contact info. You can also create an official YouTube channel.

Use free online tools for daily jobs

A social media agency is bound to be tech-savvy because their business belongs to the world of the internet. There are hundreds of free tools available on the web that can help you simplify daily work at your agency. Here is a list of four such apps-: 


Scheduling is an absolute necessity for agencies to organize client meetings. Empower your clients to self-book appointments using a personalized online booking page via Picktime online appointment scheduler. Sign up and use the free online calendar to monitor staff schedules, equipment, and appointments at all your office locations using a single dashboard! Your customers can make advanced online payments via PayPal, Square, or Stripe. Send meeting reminders through SMS and email to clients to reduce no-shows. This online scheduling system also provides you with detailed business reports for performance analysis.


HootSuite is an all-in-one app that can be used to schedule social media posts across various social media sites using one dashboard. You can also monitor views, clicks, likes, and interactions on your posts and reply to followers in real-time through this app.


Use Dropbox to share large and complex files like design, videos, documents with clients and let clients comment on the changes required in the live messages platform so that you can fix the issue then and there.


Organize client meetings and team meetings virtually with over 1,000 participants using Zoom Meetings! This app supports unlimited calls and protects your meetings with a password system.

Final thoughts

Remember to proofread all content before posting it on social media because a single mistake can cause you harm. Get updates on daily work from teammates before they log out. Finally, be friendly and understanding of the client’s needs and reply to their emails on time.

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