How To Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself?

How To Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself?

Are you planning to create an article about yourself? Are
you fully aware of the Wikipedia policies and guidelines? If not, then here is
a detailed guide to help you.

Before you get on with the page creation process here is
something you must know. Wikipedia was founded back on January 15, 2001. Since
its inception, it has made unbeatable progress. It provides one of the best
online encyclopedias to the knowledge hunters who can edit and create freely on
the platform. The platform is open source and offers free access to information
on a broad range of topics and subjects. Covering from medicines to research
and development, it has pages on a wide variety of areas.

How Does Wikipedia Achieve Its Growth?

The secret to its smooth and progressive growth is its
detailed policies. Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of policies that
scrutinize the content and make sure that it is reliable, readable, and
authentic; free from promotional content. Hence, if you are looking for ways
about how
to create a Wikipedia page for yourself
, follow the detailed guide
below: Read on.

Wikipedia: How to Create a Page for Yourself

When planning to go for a Wikipedia page, what matters is
the kind of content to add to the page. One must check out the basic guidelines
on “Wikipedia: Your first article page“. There are aspects mentioned for contributing
to the Wikipedia directory. You can even try out “Wikipedia: Tutorial”
which gives a thorough tour of page creation.

There are instructional techniques laid down to help the
newbie writers. Above all, Article Wizard
is a great tool that allows writers to submit their drafts for quick
evaluation. You get the feedback to improvise and then you can go for final

Source: Wikipedia

During the page creation process, you will learn about the
principle of notability, the neutral point of view principle, and the article
layout guidelines.

  • Method 1: Searching
  • Method 2: Preview the Red Link
  • Method 3: Wikipedia Guidelines
  • Method 4: Content Creation
  • Method 5: Article Layout guidelines
  • Final Step Page Submission

Method 1: Searching

The first step is to create the title of your Wikipedia
page. What you have to do is to create an interesting and optimized title.
Index the keyword in your title to help it ranks higher in the search engine.

Method: 2 Preview the Red Link

In Wikipedia, it’s important to create a unique title by
which means that the page has not been covered before on the platform. So, you
can try out the red link process, according to which you have to enter your
title in the Requested Article Search Box. If a red link appears that means
your title is good to go.

Method 3: Wikipedia Guidelines
About A Page For Yourself

When it comes to creating a page for yourself, the first
Wikipedia instructs is to keep a neutral approach. There is a neutral point of
view policy that instructs writers to put both good and bad sides of the
person. Apart from this, writers should not have a conflict of interest with
the subject as in that case, it will be difficult to stay neutral or unbiased.

Principle of Notability

When you create a page for yourself you need to make sure
that you are notable on the search engine. It means that you must have your
details and information somewhere on credible sites like New York Times or
Forbes. If not, you may have to get in touch with a professional page
creation company that can help you out.

Law of Unintended Consequences

The next most important policy is to follow the law of unintended consequences. The page owner does not have any rights or control over the page when it comes to verification and editing before publishing. You cannot hide the bad parts to showcase only the good side of yourself on the Wikipedia page. The core policy of the platform is to keep a neutral approach to subjects. The editors while reviewing your submission will make the following edits:

  • Remove unambiguous vandalism and spam content
  • Fix typing and grammatical errors
  • Remove the COI edits
  • Add credible source links
  • Remove the context that does not match the
    biography of living person policy

Method 4: Content Creation

Heading towards the content creation part, you need to make sure that your writing style is engaging
with a professional and informative tone. Avoid adding promotional or biased
aspects to context along with argumentative details. You need to make sure that
your content is interesting.

Method 5: Article Layout Guidelines

Once you have written your content, you need to make sure
that it is fully formatted. You have to follow the SEO guidelines. You have to
add proper titles, subheadings, bullets with relevant images. You need to make
sure that is it readable. Lastly, check the Wikipedia formatting guidelines to
pick the right citation format. You will have to add links to credible sites to
support your information.

Final Step Page Submission

The last step is to submit your Wikipedia page. You need to
make sure that your content is flawless with proper citation of credible
and authentic sites. To submit your page, head to your user talk page on the
Wikipedia account you created and there you will find the button “create a
page”. Click on it and submit the text in the fields that appear.

How long does it take to create a Wikipedia page for

The standard time for a page to be fully reviewed and
published is about 2 to 3 months. Either you will get a live link or a request
to revise the flaws. In case of major errors, your content can get rejected.

How to make a Wikipedia page for yourself free?

You can make a free-of-cost Wikipedia page by checking out
the writing guidelines and submitting your draft to the Article Wizard. In case
if you lack the writing skills needed you can get in touch with the expert
Wikipedia page creating service provider for professional assistance.

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