Five Key Cloud Computing Courses Helping To Redefine Employee Skills Post-pandemic


We know that Cloud Computing is on the boom as every industry is adopting this service. Businesses are highly using cloud computing services by taking their on-premise infrastructure to on cloud. Moreover, Cloud service providers are also competing well by offering world-class services. So, you can see numerous opportunities available in cloud computing, and the number will grow in the future. Therefore, you need to be industry-ready with good post-pandemic cloud skills such as AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

Moreover, the recent NASSCOM report says that there is an expectation that cloud services will add around $ 380 billion value to India’s GDP by 2026. With these investments, there is a probability that they will produce around 14 million employment opportunities directly or indirectly. 

So, if you’re excited to grab these upcoming Cloud career chances and planning to make an excellent IT career, Then here we are presenting five introductory Cloud Computing courses that can help students and experts to achieve more. 

So, let us start with knowing about cloud computing and its various aspects. 

What do you mean by Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing refers to delivering various cloud services such as storage, servers, database, networking, analytics, etc. They provide services over the internet for faster innovation and flexible resource availability. Moreover, these are known as hosted services. And they have three different categories. Such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. 

The cloud service can be private or public cloud. Public cloud services are available publicly to everyone on the internet. But Private Cloud services are private networks available only to a few people, and they get special access permissions to use these services. Cloud services aim to offer easy and scalable computing and IT services. 

Best Cloud Computing Courses

The post-pandemic scenario has changed the way of work and life. In this regard, cloud computing has given immense chances to everyone and is still growing. So, you can go with the following Cloud computing courses to make your career much brighter.


1. Amazon’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Amazon conducts the above certification program and is best suitable for all levels. The above program is divided into three levels: foundation, associate, and professional. To start with the beginner level, you can go with the Cloud basics. They cover all the primary cloud computing needs, and you can quickly learn them. 

For freshers, this program will be beneficial. And if you are willing to take expert help, you can opt for paid courses at the beginner level. It aims to build candidates for different roles such as developer, operations, and architect. Experienced IT people can also take this program well.

Further, you can learn how to design, develop, and deploy cloud environments on AWS. Also, you can design various solutions, apps, etc. This learning also can give big chances in the cloud computing sector.

You can also be an expert with Cloud Computing skills to become industry ready with AWS Training

2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

The MS Azure Admin Associate is the person who manages, implements, monitors, stores, and works with virtual networks in the cloud environment. Here you will learn about all the basic principles and concepts of cloud computing. With this, you can develop the ability to use open-source cloud technologies. 

Moreover, this certification is best suitable for all IT experts. Through this, they can deeply understand the cloud services, evaluate the risks, and apply adequate controls. Azure Admin Associate role is also in good demand, with many Fortune 500 companies hiring these experts.

3. CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional

Cloud security risks can impact everyone, including an individual and an enterprise. Getting cloud security skills will give you expert knowledge of protecting data in the cloud. Moreover, the core areas of cloud security include network security, identity security, visibility, and compliance. Security experts with knowledge of Cloud technologies are in high demand now. People with experience in developing software, coding, and other technology tools and platforms skills can do well. 

The CCSP course will help you nullify security threats to your cloud storage. You can do so by knowing the potential security risks and applying strategies to manage data security.

Also, cloud security is highly required when someone works remotely using cloud services. During the pandemic, most businesses shifted their business to cloud platforms for smooth delivery of services. It has created more chances for cloud security experts. 

4. Cloud Auditing Knowledge Certification (CCAK)

Check the cloud vendor’s performance by cloud audit, which needs to execute in periodic intervals. It aims to check whether the cloud services vendor meets the required standards and best practices. A role of a cloud auditor is to verify the various controls of a cloud computing service provider. 

CCAK, or Certificate Of Cloud Auditing Knowledge, is the certification that provides an auditor with the necessary skills to examine. He prepares a report upon examining the cloud service provider’s performance. 

Thus, these skills will help audit cloud service providers’ performance and various aspects. So, experts with these skills can get more chances post-pandemic.

5. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

It is another popular Cloud computing service offered by Google. GCP is also helpful for many giant companies like Spotify, etc. You can learn this course by understanding cloud computing basics, Such as storage, computing, and database services. Further, you can demonstrate various Google products and solutions with technical expertise. After this learning, you can expect profiles to be Associate Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, etc. Also, the demand for these profiles is good in the market.

Thus, Cloud services are in much demand today by every business. It is beneficial because it reduces the data storage costs and maintenance of extensive infrastructure. Also, it improves business actions on a large scale.

Summing Up

Hence, these are the top cloud computing skills that can redefine employee skills post-pandemic. Learning these skills helps the experts as well as beginners with updated knowledge. Also, it will create more job opportunities in the IT market. 

Students and professionals can use these cloud computing skills to enhance their careers. We know that the recent pandemic hit has drastically changed the economy and left many people with no earnings. Also, some areas are managed well in this regard.

But having these cloud skills can give you more areas to expand your career and take it to another level. So, keep learning and increase your chances of getting more jobs.

Author Bio : My name is Sai Thirumal, and I work for HKR Trainings as a content writer. I have a lot of experience writing technical stuff, and I want to keep learning new things to advance my career. I am skilled at presenting content on the most in-demand technologies, like AlterYX Training, PTC Windchill Course, Arcsight Training, Blockchain Training, Looker Training, etc.

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