An Overview Of The Top 5 Attendance Systems In India

Back in our school days, we were all concerned about reaching our school on time to save ourselves from being scolded by our faculty. The traditional approach used over there for marking presence could not be used in the business world. The manual methods are very prone to errors and are completely inconvenient ways to follow in this digitally growing era.

Companies have to note the employees’ total working hours, including the break time and late coming or early going cases. Do you think you can do so accurately using the traditional approaches? Especially in the Indian working scenario, where most companies prefer to use the conventional pen-paper format? The answer mostly falls in the category of ‘no.’

Now just think how much time employees use correctly to complete their work. Indeed, it is significantly less than their total working hours. Can you accept such delay or loss in your business in this competitive era? Surely the answer will be no. That’s why companies leverage HR tools to overcome this problem and bring effectiveness to their approaches. An attendance management system is one of these tools which can be used in marking attendance timings, calculating work hours, and noting irregulations.

Refer to this article to get better knowledge about the top attendance systems.

Top Criteria For Selecting The Best Attendance System 

Finding the perfect system is a tough job as many market options have various features. The list of criteria that remains common for all the business are shown in the image below-


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To add more to the list of criteria mentioned in the image, refer to the following points to get more information about the same. It will help you choose the best system and draw your attention to the top features an attendance system should have.

  • Ease of use
  • Provides adequate reports
  • Ensures security of data
  • Proper punch time tracking
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Integrability with other tools
  • Easily configurable
  • Performs automatic overtime calculations
  • Accessibility and security of data
  • Gives adequate support
  • Handles all time-related needs, including PTO (Paid Time Off), project-based working, and many more

By amalgamating all these features, you will get a better idea about picking the best software that works perfectly per your requirements. After getting such information, it’s time to know about the top attendance system. With the help of the top required functionalities and looking into the best systems, you can easily find the best one for your business.

5 Best Attendance System Providers You Can Look For Your Business 

With the right system, you can save yourself from all the losses that occur due to time theft. Look at the figure below that shows the percentage of employees that performs such time theft-



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To ensure that such cases do not prevail in your company, getting enough knowledge about the top attendance system providers is pretty essential. For that purpose, here I am presenting an overview of the top five systems in India in the following points-

  1. SecurTime

SecurTime is a time attendance and employee management solution allowing all companies to track the presence of their workforce in real-time. Whether your employees work on-premises, remotely, on-site, or distributed, you can get accurate data about their presence using this tool.

This tool seamlessly integrates with other software like payroll and HR to bring more effectiveness and accuracy to those processes. This helps in reducing the leakage cases and helps in enhancing employees’ productivity. This software allows the workers to mark their presence using biometric devices, mobile apps, and web apps. It provides a contactless attendance system for better focusing on the remote employees, where they can mark their presence using facial recognition.

It is a cloud-based plug-and-play solution that provides personalized dashboards to its employees. Using it, the workers can even apply for leaves and get information about their presence. In addition, SecurTime provides geo-tagged and geo-fencing punching facilities to their workers. By following these presence marking approaches, the managers can accurately track their presence.

  1. factoHR

factoHR is an automated attendance management software to effectively monitor your workforce’s schedule and remove data inaccuracies. It assists in saving both time and money for the HR managers that are spent on handling repetitive tasks. This helps you to bring more punctuality to your workplace.

Also, to ensure that the employees do not commit time theft, this tool provides a mobile punching facility by authenticating it with geo-fencing, geo-tracking, and face recognition. It is a perfect solution for those organizations where the workers are working in different shifts. Shift management becomes more seamless with this tool, and you can easily assign it to your workers.

It provides a simplified dashboard for employees to request overtime and compensatory off within a few minutes. The managers can assign multiple authorities and decide the approval workflow using this tool to approve the same. Getting such a detailed report helps your organization pay the workers extra for the overtime.

All these features together help to keep the employees satisfied and engaged with the strategies followed in your company

  1. Clockify

Clockify is a free time and attendance management system that helps all the companies eliminate the paperwork for managing the employees’ working hours. It provides timesheet applications from where the workers can enter the details of their working hours. Once they enter the details, reports are generated, and the managers can track the details entered by them.

This tool is much preferable for tracking the time of a project-based team. An unlimited number of members can be enrolled in this tool. With the help of weekly reports, you can keep an accurate and clean record of your employees. It will show all the details about the number of times an employee logged in.

Its dashboard provides a simplified view of the employees’ presence, what work they performed, and the respective time taken for the same. Moreover, it notifies when the workers log off or take time off and their requests. The managers can generate the time-off policies and approve their requests using it. This makes the presence management job for HR easier and faster which is the exact requirement of today’s modern workplace.

  1. Timelabs

Next on the list of top attendance providers in India, we have Timelabs with a diverse range of features. It helps you completely eliminate all the errors that occur due to wrong calculations with its web-based attendance system.

This tool effectively tracks employees’ work time and absences to precisely monitor their presence to bring more efficiency to the overall process. To get a detailed view of its features, refer to the following points.

  • It provides a centralized database and gives you accessibility to look into it at any time and from any location using the web browser.
  • As per the employees’ roles, HR can develop and apply separate OT (overtime), shifts, and time for them.
  • This tool helps create muster that can be directly used to perform payroll calculations accurately.
  • It is entirely integrable software with all the various biometric devices available in the market.
  • You can either import or export the master data easily from excel, which consists of details about employees, leave allotment, etc. 
  • This time and attendance system allows customization to choose the features depending on your requirements.
  • It provides a simplified and speedy retrieval process of the critical data.

  1. ZingHR

ZingHR is a cloud-based attendance management system that all types and sizes of companies can use. It provides a complete HR system that handles all the tasks beginning from hire to retirement. Its online time and attendance solution ensures accurate data. Also, it removes your worry of physically storing the data as the cloud is the storage source.

This software provides a real-time dashboard allowing you to analyze the workforce’s data better. The tool allows employees to punch in and out using geo-fencing functionality to mark their presence rightly. In addition, the tools will enable you to plan the work effectively in the unavailability of the workers by priorly getting information about it. This allows you to execute the work without getting paused. Following such planning makes your work more organized and helps to get completed on time.

Let’s Wrap Up

In today’s modern working atmosphere relying on manual attendance management approaches bring no fruitfulness for your business. That’s why you should find and use the best systems for your organization. Attendance management systems enables great efficiency and improves data accuracy. Similarly, leave management system also help managers handle the employee absences effortlessly.

To automate the attendance management, you can refer to the top five attendance system providers mentioned above.

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