5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your New Pair of Glasses

 Protect New Pair of Glasses

You spend a lot of time looking for the perfect new pair of glasses. You seek out the ideal frame shape, in a pattern or color that properly shows your personality. You wait anxiously for the lenses to be fitted and for the phone call informing you that your new glasses are ready for pickup.

When you first acquire your new glasses, they could feel strange. Not only has your reflection altered in the mirror, but the feeling of having anything new on your face might be uncomfortable. You may have headaches and eye discomfort while your brain and eyes adjust. Even if you can see better than before, becoming used to glasses for the first time can be difficult.

Here are some helpful ideas for taking proper care of your new pair of glasses to help them last longer:

  • Spray with caution:

If you must use a chemical, select sprays or cleansers designed exclusively for cleaning a new pair of glasses lens. Never use household cleaners such as Windex since they contain ammonia, which will eat away at any coating on the lens.

  • Use the proper cloth:

Never dry your lenses with paper wipes, tissue, or napkins. Irrespective of how gentle they are on your skin; all these fabrics have a rough texture and can quickly scratch your lenses. Also, avoid utilizing the tail of your shirt. If the garment is not 100 percent cotton, the fibers in the fabric will eventually scrape the lens of your spectacles. Because the garment may have dirt on it, the residue is transported to your lenses.

  • Rinse:

Before wiping or cleaning your new pair of glasses, always rinse them with water. Even minute dust or dirt particles can collect on your lens and wiping them around on a dry glass can be irritating.

  • Air Dry:

Allow your glasses to air dry if possible. This is another excellent method for preventing things from getting on your lens. If you are unable to let them air dry, wipe them down with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.

  • Firmly grip:

Grip the component that crosses the bridge of the nose to keep your glasses in place. This prevents you from accidentally bending the frame when cleaning. Bent glasses can impair your ability to see through them. Furthermore, if your frames are out of shape, they are more likely to be uncomfortable.

There are some of the common issues related to new glasses:

Is it normal for new glasses to hurt the eyes?

When you’re learning how to wear glasses, you’re likely to experience some eye strain. Your eyes are adjusting to the new lenses, and they may feel weary and uncomfortable as they acclimate to the new prescription.

How long does it take to adjust to new glasses?

It can be difficult to adjust to something new on your face. You might find yourself unconsciously touching and adjusting your new pair of glasses or simply wishing you could remove them. Even if you’ve previously worn glasses, changing from square to round frames, or from small to large frames, can take some getting used to as you get acclimated to how a set of new frames sits on your face. You should be able to adjust to the new sensation within a few days.

Is it typical to experience headaches after purchasing new glasses?

Unfortunately, headaches and nausea are normal when using new spectacles. Frames might cause pressure on your nose and temples, resulting in a tension headache. New spectacles can produce headaches and nausea as well as eye strain.

Is it normal for new glasses to distort my vision?

It is typical to suffer some visual distortion in the beginning while your brain adjusts to wearing glasses for the first time or adjusting to a new prescription. Your brain and eyes have overcompensated for poor eyesight and will require time to learn to perceive images differently. Objects may appear distorted, bent, or out of focus during this time, and you may have difficulty with depth perception. These issues should only be transitory.

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