18 Things To Do After Installing Word Press


 What is Word Press?

Without any knowledge of coding, to edit or create a website Word Press is the platform for it. It is an open-source tool and a content management system based on the Php language. According to a survey, around 16 % of the internet is utilizing Word Press as a content management system. It is the most favorable tool for individuals and organizations to promote and sell products. In order to make it more preferable, Word Press has introduced HTML and PHP code options. 

With the easy plugins and extensions options, it can help enhance the website’s features and functionality when required. Started as a blogging tool now is one of the most vital tools for a content management system that can handle a variety of websites. It works as a backhand of the website where you can manage, maintain and customize it. 

What can you do with Word Press?

  • BLOG–  A blog is a website that is used for sharing thoughts, recipes, reviews of products/services and usually displays the most recent stuff first.
  • E-COMMERCE – by using the Word Press ecommerce plugin you can extend your website for selling products/ services and collect online payments and create your own online store.
  • BUSINESS WEBSITE – a website allows every business to create their online presence to give their customers and users insight into the company, the customer can then contact the company for any queries they have regarding the business 
  • MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE – The non-profit organizations have such websites to allow only the members access to the content available on them.
  • PORTFOLIO WEBSITE– you can build your profile website on Word Press to show off your skills and talent.
  •  FORUM WEBSITE– Most of the forum websites are running on Word Press such websites allow to ask or share questions and advice
  • EVENT WEBSITE–  You can create a website on Word Press to let people know about your upcoming events and can help them buy the tickets from it.
  • E-LEARNING WEBSITE–  with the Word Press LMS plugin you can teach online courses and even the student can track their courses and progress, even help them download the required resources, and much more.
  • WEDDING WEBSITE–  With your upcoming wedding you can create a Word Press wedding website and keep people updated about your big day

 To understand more about Word Press you can visit the WordPress training institute in Vadodara and Enhance your Word Press skills to excel in the field of website development.

To understand more about Word Press you can visit the Word Press training institute in Vadodara and Enhance your Word Press skills to excel in the field of website development.

18 things to do with Word Press

1. Add a contact form 

To let all your users and customers contact you quickly Word Press allow the WPforms plugin to create an easy and quick contact panel on your website 

2. Change title, tagline, and time zone 

Head over to your settings panel and change the title, tagline, and time zone for efficient working.

3. Setup Word Press SEO

Using one SEO plugin right after installing your Word Press can make your Word Press an amazing SEO tool, SEO helps bring traffic to your website

4. Install Google analytics 

Installing Google analytics can help you understand the form where your audience came and what they did on your website and how many visited your page, Monster insights plugin works the best for Word Press

5. Install caching 

A 1-second delay in loading time can make you lose 7% conversion, 11% fewer views, and 16% dissatisfied customers. As a maker of a website, you need to make sure your website works faster and performs as per customer needs. Clearing cache copies of your page can help you reduce your loading time and increase the speed using WP super cache as a plugin can help you do wonders.

6. Set up backups

Millions of data are lost every year, creating backups and storing them is the only way to save your cores, saving your data on Google drive, drop box can help you save your time and money.

7. Setup Word Press Security

Installing timely updates, securing the Word Press admin area, using strong passwords, the Secure plugin in Word Press is leading in security.

8. Setup Spam Protection

Spam can not only distribute malware but even affect your search ranking and the reputation of your website. Using comment moderation in Word Press can help you as an increase in spam comments can take considerable time changing it. Akismet Plugin activated can help you well enough.

9. Delete unused Word Press themes 

When we set up Word Press themes we try many themes and choose one and we forget to delete that unused one, keeping one default theme is necessary to cause the current one might show some troubleshooting, but deleting the unused ones is I pottant cause even they need timely updates 

10. Setup Word Press comments

Comments help your page engagement and create a community around your page. You can enable or disable it on your settings discussion page.

11.  Delete default content.

While  resting new content on Word Press, make sure you delete the default downloads on your Word Press

12. Setup a default category 

While posting and creating things on Word Press, you need to select a category, if you don’t it automatically goes under the default category 

13. Setup Front and blog pages.

Word Press displays blogs on the front page, if you have a website for other purposes than blogs create different pages front and blog, with custom layouts.

14. Upload your Grava tar 

Grava tar allows the user to use profile images and create an email address and use it for your Word Press website.  

15. Complete your user profile

You can change your profile username against your blog posts, you can use your nicknames or a pen name. You can add a bio for yourself to give your quick introduction

16. Upload Favicon and Site Icon

A favicon or Site icon is an image that appears beside your website title. It helps your users to identify websites and increase your brand recognition.

17. Change Word Press Email Address

You can change your email address later even after you have started with a different one.

18. Setup your Word Press Theme 

The last step is your Word Press theme. You can add widgets to your sidebars, and you can create your own custom widgets and other features.

This guide is intended to get you started with Word Press, a powerful content management system (CMS) used by millions of people to build their blogs and websites. Word Press is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web. It’s used by people of all skill levels, from those who want a simple way to build a website, to those who want to build advanced applications. It’s also one of the easiest content management systems to learn, provided you have some experience with a text editor.

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